WhatsApp Filter 2019

WhatsApp Filter 2019

Whatsapp Number Filter You Can Now Filter Active and Inactive WhatsappMobile Number Like the software name, this software can filter of any bulk phone number you have or from scraped list, this software can separated which number used whatsapp and which number not used whatsapp.

whatsapp filter 2019

This WhatsApp Marketing software can run with your standard whatsapp account (Scan barcode based).
So, you will easy for using this filter software!



Filtering number using whatsapp web most dangerous than send bulk messages, so don’t be shocked if your number used for filter will easy ban by WhatsApp!


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WhatsApp Filter 2019 New Version

  • open software
  • add list numbers
  • then click start
  • it will open chrome
  • chrome won’t open directly
  • right click and maximized
  • then scan the code with WhatsApp web
  • it will start
  • then click Num Validos(export)
  • done

Free Download whatsapp Filter software

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