Website Auto Traffic Generator Ultimate WAT v7.3 Cracked

Website Auto Traffic Generator Ultimate (WAT) Cracked Last update: 01 Jan 2019

website auto traffic generator ultimate v7.3 cracked
Website Auto Traffic Generator (WAT) is the software that you can create direct or organic traffic to your website or blog without any limitation. In these days, people want to reach the source with the minimum amount of searching. Which means if your website is less known or not know you won’t get many customers as you want. With WAT your website will be on the top of search engine results pages (SERPS) with totally organic way. WAT is also functional enough to switch between proxies or even browsers (without installation of any browsers manually).
website auto traffic generator ultimate - free download and software
software Website Auto Traffic Generator Ultimate WAT V7.3 TOP FEATURES

  • Geographical traffics from different locations!
  • Multiple sources (Google, Bing etc.)
  • Multiple social media referrals! (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin etc.)
  • Multiple browsers! (Chrome, Firefox, Yandex etc.)
  • Multiple operating systems! (Linux, Windows .etc)
  • Multiple devices! (Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac etc.)
  • Unlimited page views/traffic and specifying URLs
  • Keywords based traffic!
  • Campaign traffic!
  • Referral traffic!
  • Dual traffic engine!
  • WAT Profiles (You can save your WAT Profiles as a file for the purpose of using it whenever you want)
  • Organic and direct traffic!
  • Google Analytics friendly!
  • Advanced switching options! (You can use this option for platform, location, browser and session duration selections to make everything exactly as real traffic)
  • Advanced location options! (As you can set proxies manually, you can also give site URL to WAT, WAT takes proxies automatically in this case)
  • Random session durations!
  • Scheduler!
  • Proxy checking before adding to the listing!
  • No limitations or hidden cost!
  • Free lifetime update!

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  • What is WAT?

Website Auto Traffic Generator (WAT) is a software tool designed to bring your website popular over the internet. The tool will help you to increase your website’s or blog’s visibility in SERPs within the short duration. WAT is useful to anyone who is having a website or blog and wants to get traffic from globe to make their product or service popular.

  • In which platform WAT is available?

At present, WAT is designed to work under Windows platform. Supported OS: Window Vista SP2/7 SP1/8/8.1/10 (32bit or 64bit).

  • Is there any traffic limitation or web page limitation?

There are no such limitations has been defined. You can add as much as web pages/sites to WAT and traffic limit as 100, 1000, 10000 or even more!

  • WAT crashes immediately when I opened after installation, why?

WAT requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package. If they are not already installed on your system, WAT crashes while opening. The mentioned software will be on the downloading document when you purchased WAT.

What is new in Website Auto Traffic Generator Ultimate V7.3?

  • Surfing mode – provides traffic effect as user surfing your website (New generation traffic generator feature)
  • Traffic from 8 Search Engines (Google, Bing etc.), 9 social media referrals (Fb, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube etc.) and 10+ platforms/web browsers (Linux, android, Firefox, Chrome, Yandex etc.)
  • Auto refresh and fetch proxies – let your traffic and time doesn’t waste. Geolocation can update with fetching new proxies automatically and you can run WAT multiple days continuously
  • Traffic modes – manage sessions, page views and bounce rates of your website automatically
  • Proxy classification – helps you to select good proxies for full geolation different traffic
  • Auto start and Exit WAT (complete scheduler option)
  • Geographic traffic & Analytics tracking optimisation
  • Link fetcher – new addon tool helps you to grab all links in a website
  • Readable live traffic logs. You can understand how traffic goes
  • Core component and minor features upgradations

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Website Auto Traffic Generator Ultimate WAT v7.3 Cracked Last update: 01 Jan 2019
software Website Auto Traffic Generator Ultimate WAT Free download
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