WA Sender Pro v6.3.2

WA Sender Pro v6.3.2 is Best tools for WhatsApp marketing campaigns in 2019 Another Digital Marketing like Bulk Whatsapp Q Sender Software WhatsApp Marketing Tools, that allows you to send WhatsApp Marketing Software & Bulk Message Sender directly to your client and directly target your customers directly and provide your sales
(text, image, video, voice, documents)

  • Name : WA Sender Pro Premium – Amazing whatsapp marketing tools 2019
  • Version : WA Sender Pro v6.3.2
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : WhatsApp Marketing Software & Bulk Message Sender
  • Price : Rp.597.000
  • Homepage : www.wasenderpro.com

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Aplikasi messenger whatsapp menghadirkan berbagai fitu menarik dan mempermudah penggunanya dalam melakukan pengiriman pesan. Tidak hanya pesan text sama, namun gambar, video, documen, dan kontak pun bisa kamu kirimkan melalui aplikasi whatsapp ini. Dengan pengguna whatsaap yang sangat banyak, memungkinkan Anda untuk menemukan calon konsumen dengan sangat mudah

Saat ini whatsapp sudah melakukan pengembangan ke platform bisnis, apalagi WhatsApp Android app akan terintegrasi dengan Facebook dan Instagram jadi ini merupkan Kabar baik untuk Anda pelaku bisnis untuk memanfaatkan fitur WhatsApp sebagai sarana Promosi produk kita melalui aplikasi WhatsApp Business atau Whatsapp Marketing Magic Automation Tool WASenderPro

WASenderPro adalah Auto Whatsapp Marketing (software) desktop based berjalan di windows operating system. tool whatsapp pertama dengan fitur paling lengkap. WA sender pro mampu memvalidasi nomor yang menggunakan whatsapp, mencari group2 whatsapp secara tertarget, mengekstrak member grouo whatsapp, mengekstrak chat yang sudah ada untuk kemudian di followup, mencari group2 whatsapp sesuai dengan niche yang kita inginkan untuk kita jadikan lagi target promosinya, dan mampu mengirimkan peran dengan sangan mudah dan cepat baik itu text, gambar, video dan lainnya hanya dalam beberapa klik saja (WABLASTER)

Kelebihan WASenderPro – Amazing Whatsapp Sender Software

1.Tool Whatsapp Group Scraper Menggunakan Fitur GROUP SCRAPER anda bisa mendapatkan ribuan Link Group WhatsApp berdasarkan Keyword tertentu

link whatsapp group scraper
Ambil data Grup menggunakan Dengan fitur Group Member Extractor ini kita bisa mengambil semua nomor wa dari anggota grup Whatsapp lengkap sesuai dgn produk yg akan kita promosikan dalam sekali klik semua member grup whatsapp dapat kita ekstrak, untuk berikutnya kita jadikan data target prospek promosi kita.

2.Whatsapp goup members Extractor / #Whatsapp Contact Extractor

whatsapp goup members extractor
Mengcopy semua data kontak Whatsapp dalam sekali klik Dengan fitur ini kita bisa mengcopy semua kontak hasil mengekstrak member group yang tersimpan dalam akun Whatsapp toko online kita , sebagai database kontak wa konsumen di semua Whastapp pemasaran produk yg kita miliki .

3.WA Validator untuk mem filter/validasi Nomor yg Memiliki akun Whatsapp Aktif Fitur validator ini bisa memfilter untuk melakukan promosi hanya ke nomor – nomor whatsApp yg aktif saja , sehingga Anda dapat memastikan semua promosi yang anda Kirim sampai pada calon konsumen yang tepat

4.WA Sender Pro Autopilot Whatsapp bulk Marketing Software untuk mengirim pesan whatsapp massal dan terjadwal lengkap dengan attachment gambar dll.

get wasenderpro whatsapp bulk blaster tools
salah satu kelebihan Software WASenderPro versi terbaru ini dapat memberikan Cara Mudah Mengirim Pesan WhatsApp Tanpa Menyimpan Nomor HP Penerima dahulu jadi kamu tak perlu lagi menyimpan banyak kontak wa di Smartphone kamu jika takut kontak penuh , maka kita dapat dgn mudah melakukan Promosi GRATIS secara langsung ke ribuan orang sekaligus cukup sekali KLIK saja & mendapatkan konversi penjualan yg bagus dgn mempromosikan Produk yg tepat ke Prospek yang tepat !

5.Multi Account Whatsapp Unilimited Tanpa Batasan Akun WA. Anda dapat menggunakan WhatsApp sender Pro ini untuk mengelola banyak akun Whatsapp tanpa batasan jumlah , Anda bisa mengelola sebanyak-banyaknya , untuk melakukan promosi semua produk yang anda miliki sekaligus .

Serta masih ada fitur lainnya, maka dari itu segera miliki WASenderPro, agar Promosi GRATIS setiap waktu dengan Konversi Tinggi & Menjangkau Prospek yang kita target TEPAT secara Otomatis bisa segara anda lakukan.


  1. WASenderPro adalah software desktop yg di install di PC ataupun laptop anda ( bukan program imacros/Bukan WhatsAppmod Android app Google Play Store )
  2. lisensi wa sender akan didapatkan langsung setelah melakukan pembelian. license wa sender pro bersifat singgle instace yang artinya bisa di gunakan di satu pc satu lisensi satu login. Satu Cukup sekali bayar – Tanpa Biaya Bulanan! Pastikan Anda tidak Kehilangan Kesempatan ini

YouTube video

WASenderPro is Not Just a regular Bulk Whatsapp Sender
WASenderPro will make our promotion much easier and save you a lot of your time.

Note *WASenderPro is a desktop software installed on your PC or laptop (not an imacros script)
Easy and quick to jump-start your sales and get lots of new Consumers, it’s a great benefit for you to start now!
For those of you who really want the best and professional services, as a supporter of online business acceleration. Then WASenderPro is the right choice for you.
WASenderPro is Not Just a regular Bulk sender.
Whatsapp Sender A Right Decision That Will Increase Your Online Sales.
WASenderPro will solve all your Marketing issues through WhatsappComplete with the best Update and Service support up to 6 months ahead
Together we Explores Whatsapp Marketing
Do not Miss This Opportunity and
Make Sure Your Business Using WASenderPro Today.

Lifetime license – No Monthly Fees! No Yearly Fees!
Make sure you do not lose this opportunity.
Software will be release via link (email) to download after payment transferred within 24 hours.


Features of wa sender pro software :
1. Send 1000s (unlimited) of messages
2. Support text, link, image & video
3. Send using WhatsApp Filter local number not channel
4. NO need to save contacts in smartphone. ONLY upload file (txt) to software.
5. Delay time between messages can be adjust.
6. Whatsapp Validator – to filter/validate non whatsapp, with validation rate up to 90%.
7. Whatsapp Scraper – to scrape whatsapp groups by keywords based on your niche or who have great potential interested in the product you are promoting then extract all the members.
8. Whatsapp groups extractor – extract group members that you are joining.


Requirements :
1. Window 7 & above (ONLY)
2. Chrome
3. Min RAM 2gig

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

1.Is the software lifetime charges?
2.Until when the software can be used?
Untill whatsapp unable to use or non exist.
3.How many messages can I blast before got banned by WhatsApp?
It depends on timing, a delay time between messages, copywriting & others. Sometimes hundreds or thousands per blast.
4.How if my number got banned by WhatsApp?
This is the risk that you have to acknowledge. However, i will teach you on how to reduce the risk.
5.Is there any lifetime support?
NO. There is only 6 months support by team starting from the date purchased.
6.Any demo or trial version?
7.Any refund after purchased?


I WILL NOT RESPONSIBLE to any misuse of the software.
I WILL NOT RESPONSIBLE if your number got BANNED by WhatsApp.
I WILL NOT RESPONSIBLE if you are unable to use the software anymore in future.
Software is from INDONESIA. All support (technical, etc) are from them NOT me.
I am NOT RESPONSIBLE ANYTHING regards to software issue.
Please understand all the info, terms & conditions above before purchase as NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN AFTER PURCHASED.

How To Avoid Whatsapp Numbers Banned – Secret Marketing Tricks 👍

1) if you create a new channel instantly, please don’t start to send campaign, firstly you need to take some 5-6 whatsapp sms Send from your known contact.

2) Add some 5-6 groups in your new channel because whatsapp required a conversation.

3) you need to do this process 5-6 days after you able to send campaign but not more than 200 whatsapp sms in a day after 10 days you send upto 500 whatsapp sms in day and after
18 days you able to send 1000 whatsapp sms with out Blockage.(*this is our rule its working sure about 60%)

4) if your channel has slowing & taking time to delivered the whatsapp sms you need to first chache clear in phone memory.

5) You need to clear the images & Videos files in File
Manager > Whatsapp > Media > Whatsapp Images > Sent (Delete the files)

6) Please hide the Last seen ,images & about in whatsapp channel.

7) If channel has block 5 times in a day you need to first format the phone & change the IP.

8) You can use multiple whastapp account in a one phone with the use of some App. Theses app are

a) whatsapp mod 2019, clone using App Cloner Premium you can create and install multiple copies of your existing apps like whatsapp fouad ,yowhatsapp
b) Parallel Space APP
c) GB Whatsapp APP
d) Whatsapp Business APP
e) Whatsapp Normal APP

9) Please Change PC (System) IP address after 1000 whatsapp sms with VPN .

10) Please use business whatsapp for sending the campaign & also Start the auto reply.

11) Please don’t be clear a Chat log in a Whatsapp channel.

12) More sending campaign without Block you need to use local Channel .

13) Please don’t be send Large MB File, Best way to send Small MB file.

14) Also use time gap between 2 campaign.

15) The campaign always must be run in odd format such as 21,23,13,19,37 Etc.

This Technique is Just Informational Purpose Only Its Not A Rule For Whatsapp
How To Re-Activate WhatsApp Channel Banned – SecretTricks 👍
Do not worry, I have the best trick to Re-Activate WhatsApp Channel Banned. The following are some steps about how to reactivate WhatsApp that is blocked.
Just follow the steps below :
-Uninstall whatsApp you already have
-Download and install the new update
-Enter your phone number and you will see a Screenshot like this
-Click on “Support” option
-Now a contact support form is displayed,Write your problem and Don’t forget to add your number
-Click “Next” and scroll down
-Choose “This does not answer my problem”

Now send a support email using support@whatsapp.com

You can start the message to support WTSP as follows with the message title “My Whatsapp account has deactivated”

Dear Sirs,

My Whatsapp Account Has Been Deactivated
without any prior warning is not acceptable at all. 
I have been using the Whatsapp service for a while now 
in a proper manner، without sending any spam messages 
nor any unsolicited and inappropriate messages، 
and with that said you have managed to stop my account 
without prior…. 
notice Kindly take my case into consideration 
and get me exception from the Top Management 
my phone number is +”Your Whatsapp Number Banned”

After 4hrs, check your email inbox. You will get a WhatsApp reply.
I’m sure within 48hrs, your WhatsApp account will get back.
In some cases, it shows a 24hr time period for temporary banned.

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