Vidscribe AI PRO Version 3.18 Cracked – Software To Translate And Redub YouTube Videos

VidScribe AI PRO Version 3.18 Cracked – Best Software To Translate And Redub YouTube Videos.

VidScribe AI is an automated AI based software that will create a local language version of your videos without you having to do anything. With VidScribe, you can create SRT files in local languages for Facebook and YouTube, subtitle your videos in local languages, re-dub your videos in local languages, explode your traffic by ranking for local language keywords using videos, getting organic search traffic from around the world, bringing in people who are looking for content in their language, being able to target keywords that you could not hope to target and easily get 3x or 4x more visitors from this audience with the app.

Vidscribe AI PRO

The Killer Edge & Take Down Every Competitor + Start Off A Popular Traffic-Gen Service. Your VidScribe AI Elite is amazing, but it can be turned into a lethal weapon that can help you tap a virtually limitless number of keywords and niches with an unlimited number of local language videos.

YouTube video

All you need to do is update to Vidscribe AI Pro. The pro version removes all the limits, all the caps from your traffic generation success. You will get the capability to add and upload to an unlimited number of YouTube Channels. This is a must have considering you’ll want to make a dedicated channel for each language and niche.

Important : Don’t put all the videos of every language together on one channel. Instead create a new channel targeting each language and mark it as the channel of that language in YouTube. Gets you higher rankings in that region.

That’s not the only thing though. VidScribe AI Pro is packed with killer features that will turn you into a traffic monster who will strike fear in the hearts of the competition, bring you the prime ranking and also help you grab 3x more clients for your business.

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One Simple Upgrade, 7 Superpowers – Don’t Let This Go For Your Business’s Sake:

Superpower #1 : Process Unlimited Videos

When there’s such market open to you why should you limit your success? Why not try and grab each and every bit of the traffic that is available?
You can do with VidScribe Pro. It gives you unlimited video processing. No need to wait for the next day. Transcribe, translate, subtitle and redub as many videos as you want


Superpower #2 : Support for unlimited YouTube & Facebook pages

You really want to explode traffic? Make sure you develop dedicated pages for each language and in each niche you want to target. If you put all the videos in the same channel YouTube will not give you special treatment for that language. You can do that easily with the Pro version of VidScribe AI. You get support for an unlimited number of YouTube channels and Facebook pages. Add and upload to as many as you want.


VidScribe AI PRO Version 3.18 Superpower #3 : Get unlimited local language keywords with dedicated local video keyword research app.

VidScribe AI Elite will make your local language videos without a problem, but how are you going to correctly target them? If you don’t target keywords properly you won’t get visitors even if you have the videos up. We want to solve that problem for you.

That’s why we built a local-language keyword finder app. Put any English keyword, select the language you want and this app will automatically translate your keyword in that language and then look for local language keywords. Result -> You get perfectly targeted local language keywords that get you the maximum number of visitors.


Superpower #4 : Post on Instagram & Snapchat using Dropbox

Want to expand your market?
VidScribe AI pro has integration with Dropbox and will autopost your videos to your Dropbox account folder.
You can then use your phone to quickly post the videos to your Instagram or your Snapchat account. No need to manually download any file!


Superpower #5 : Multiple Licenses – Three!

To truly make VidScribe AI explode you want to go beyond your own PC. Put it on multiple PCs, let it process multiple videos at the same time without taking your time away from work.

The Pro version gives you 3 license codes.
1. Personal use license for your computer.
2. Server license for use on a VPS machine.
3. VA license to give your VA, family member, friend or even a client.


Superpower #6 : Readymade Sales Page For Your Traffic Service
You’ve probably thought about starting a lot of online businesses but never brought into action because you could not take the first step.

– Write the copy, get the layout done, and get a HTML version made.

This multi-step task to start off an online business has been a deal-breaker for too many dreams, but it won’t be for you if you get the VidScribe Pro.

We’ll give you a readymade sales page for your traffic service with everything done already.

– High quality sales copy written by a top Internet marketer.
– Attractive, custom designed layout.
– Fully responsive HTML code.

All you need to do is put in your Paypal or other gateway sales button and upload it to a website.

You can start accepting payments!

This is the easiest way to turn VidScribe AI into sales.


Superpower #7 : 2 Years Of Free Upgrade
YouTube changes their algorithm and systems all the time and so does Facebook.
We also make new advancements in AI technology frequently.

YouTube video

How are you going to keep abreast?.
The Pro level gives you 2 whole years of free upgrade. Get it and you will not have to pay again for the next hot release of VidScribe AI. It’s worth every penny because without this you’ll be paying again to get the latest new features in VidScribe AI next year. You know you need this. This is the IM business and those who grab the latest opportunities always win.

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Get VidScribe AI PRO v3.18 Cracked Full Working

Vidscribe AI PRO Version 3.18 Cracked
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