Postbox 7.0.47 Cracked

Postbox 7.0.47 Cracked – Best desktop email client powerful application that aims to provide you with all the tools for keeping in touch with your friends and business partners. It can handle multiple email accounts and allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds in order to read the latest news.

Well-organized and pretty familiar interface
The program is based on the popular Mozilla Thunderbird email client and its interface features the popular accounts, folders and messages panels for easy access. The message pane allows you to view the content of the current email which can also be opened in a new tab.

Setup your account and group or label messages
Configuring the email accounts enables the user to only enter the email address and the password. The wizard automatically searches for the server configurations in the database and fills in the rest of the details if they are available which allows Gmail or Yahoo! users to add a new account in a matter of seconds.

The Gmail integration allows you to organize your messages with labels and to navigate through the messages by using native Gmail shortcuts. You can also use the conversation view in order to group the messages when you need to follow a certain discussion.

Browse attachments, subscribe to RSS feeds and filter news
With the email indexing feature the program helps you browse the email attachments and images related with the messages from a folder. You just need to switch to the attachments view, select the files and save them to your computer.

Postbox 7.0.47 Cracked

You can also use the application to subscribe to RSS feeds or to import your subscriptions from other programs such as Thunderbird. As the email messages, the news articles can be filtered by using advanced rules in order to display the items that you need to read.

A final assessment
In our tests, the program had little impact on the computer’s performance even though it uses a significant part of the system memory.

Overall, Postbox is a useful email management tool which integrates multiple Gmail features and can be further improved by adding extensions. However, if you are not an exclusive Gmail user you are sure to find other solutions.

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Postbox 7.0.47 Cracked desktop email client
Postbox 7.0.47 Portable
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