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One of the main problems every website owner is facing on a daily basis is getting free traffic. Most of us, start without any budget for ads, so the main income source for most of us is free organic traffic.

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Why Driving Traffic Became So Difficult?

If you started your online business in 2000s, you are now in a privileged place compared to any beginner. Your website is over 10 years old, which gives you a huge authority advantage on Google.

Also, 10 years ago or earlier, the competition was lower in the online world than it is now, when everyone is trying to be location independent and working from home.
I’m not saying that you have to give up on your dreams!
All I’m saying is you can’t rely on the same strategies that worked well for people 10 years ago.

Let’s look at the main traffic generating platforms that used to be great but are so difficult and competitive nowadays:

Too good to be true?

Are you thinking now, if Pinterest is so amazing, why everybody talks about Google SEO and not that much about Pinterest SEO?
Let me tell you this: opportunity is where competition is lower!

  • Pinterest was launched in 2010, while Google was founded in 1998!
  • In 2018, Pinterest invited content creators to their headquarters for a conference, for the first time in the history of this platform, to have an open discussion about how things work or could be improved.
  • People are still learning to market on Pinterest. You still have plenty of space to become the king or queen of Pinterest!
  • In the early days of Google getting traffic from it was a lot easier than it is now.
  • Pinterest is still learning to be a smart search engine.

Fact: Pinterest is a combination of a search engine and a social media platform.
My Pinterest course will you teach you to treat Pinterest as a search engine. If you want to drive traffic consistently, your strategy should be based on Pinterest SEO.

You will know the results of my experiments on Pinterest – I share all my hacks and secrets. But you’ll also get the foundations of Pinterest SEO which allows you to start testing and “hacking” Pinterest’s algorithm on your own.

Results of my students

pinterest seo traffic secrets - anastasia blogger
– Carla, of MomSecrets

I started Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets course three weeks ago, it’s such a short time but Pinterest already has become my main traffic source (about 95%, that’s crazy!).

I even managed to get one viral pin – and my blog is just one month old. I’m totally amazed at how fast my Pinterest views are growing. I’m so happy I took this course and didn’t waste time making 300 mistakes which could cost me so much time and effort. As a new blogger, I had no clue what I was doing on Pinterest. I was just adding pins to my personal account before starting Anastasia’s course having no idea how this could help me drive traffic to my blog.

[download] anastasia – pinterest seo traffic secrets
I’m super impressed how this Pinterest views convert into my blog visitors!
Now I have a clear strategy and understanding how I’m going to grow traffic. And my Pinterest monthly views are growing so fast!


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The Best Pinterest Course for Bloggers 2019. Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets Learn How I Get Over 300,000 pageviews/mo of FREE Pinterest Traffic to my Website
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