download Simpel Audiens XX Latest Version with Latest Facebook Authorized Windows APP 1 and 2 are Added

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GET Simpel Audiens XX Latest Version All Modules Working Fully, Scraping can by Done upto 1 Millions Per Account even after Cambridge analytica Scandal
No API Block Issue. Data not Showing Issue Resolved.
download Simpel Audiens XX Latest Version
All Bonuses are Included.

  • xDropbox Plugin
  • Super CS Plugin
  • Google Scraper
  • Product Design Method
  • How to Make Ads
  • Ads for YouTube Guide
  • Send Message to Million WhatsApp No.
  • Unlimited Message Facebook

Also download all Simpel Audiens Working Version

    1. Simpel Audiens XX Latest Version All Bonuses are Included
    2. Simple Audience X Pro Latest Cracked
    3. Simpel Audiens V3.1 Version

How To Instantly “Dig Up Millions of Potential Consumer Data from Facebook” in Just Minutes – Plus , Get Millions of Potential Targeted Buyers from Facebook, With Just 3 Easy Steps!
Mine Valid & Targeted UIDs, Email Addresses & Phone Numbers on Facebook

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Simpel Audiens v4 Cracked yaitu aplikasi yang bisa mengambil data calon konsumen potensial dari FB melalui Facebook page maupun Grup. dimana SIMPELAUDIENS tidak sekedar merujuk Kolamnya saja, tetapi langsung memperoleh data real calon pengguna dari fb group dan fbPage.

Simpel Audiens ini bisa mengambil informasi email berdasarkan pengikut Grup maupun fbPage yg memiliki target LIKE, SHARE, dan KOMEN saja, dengan asumsi bahwa pengikut grup yang memiliki interaksi LIKE, SHARE, dan KOMEN mempunyai tingkat interest lebih tinggi terhadap informasi yang diberikan di fb group dan facebook page.

Data yang dihasilkan oleh SIMPEL AUDIENS Crack juga dapat di kembangkan melalui Look aLike di FB, dimana dengan fasilitas look alike kita dapat mengembangkan pelanggan berdasarkan sifat online yang paling mirip dari data contoh yg kita berikan. Tentunya hal tersebut menjadikan Iklan FB kita lebih praktis dan tepat tujuan.

Nah untuk Anda yang belum memiliki simpel audiens silahkan!

“Easy Way To Get The Right Audience To Explode Sales In The Shortest Possible Time!”
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No Tools as Simple as it is , Reaching
Potential Consumer Potential from Facebook With
Just 3 Easy Steps!

Getting the Right Audience in Short Times!

Then How SimpleAudiens Explode Your
Sales ?
Absolutely SIMPLE Just 3 Easy Steps:

How Fast and Easy It Is Done

Use SIMPELAUDIENS and See How easy it is to collect all the fish in a small pond The next “Custom Audience” can be easy and fun.

If the fish has run out, we can easily cloning with “Look Alike Audience” then Facebook will automatically give the new fish the most identical / same online behavior with “sample data” we give.

How Easy Fishing in a Fishy Pond

CUSTOM AUDIENCE.M arouses audience itself is based on a database such as email and no.telp, you can easily create custom audience, by entering the email list or no.telp into Custom Audience feature, then Facebook will immediately detect anyone Audienece you based on the database.

So this allows you to target the target audience exactly according to the data you have.LOOK A LIKE AUDIENCE.This latest feature is able to expand your Audience count more automatically, facebook will look for new audience who have similar character / identical, based on online activities and demography (according to model data) so as to reach new prospective customers more broadly.

If you already have email and no.telp data, then you can develop the number of Audience using LookLight Audience Feature.

In addition there are many other Promotional Ways that you can Do
using Email data, No Phone and UID facebook you get …… Used More Than 3,500 Internet
Marketers from Various Countries in the World!
SIMPELAUDIENS Simple Digging Consumers Who
Have Interest & High Interest At Anything You Sell

LIMITED OPPORTUNITY HAS NOW!Very Easy, Everything Done as easy as “1..2..3”You no longer need to waste a lot of time, effort and advertising costs, just to try out the right audience for the product you are marketed, because it’s all done straight away With just 3 Easy Steps to use SIMPLE AUDIENS




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