Bulk WhatsApp Sender v5.5 with source code – Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software 2020

Bulk WhatsApp Sender v5.5 with source code – Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software 2020 for our membership by subscribing to LifeTime Plan, 1 LICENSE FOR 1 PC!

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Bulk WhatsApp Sender V5.5 with source code is Software to send Bulk Whatsapp Messages directly from your PC Best Whatsapp Marketing Software and Wa Sender Tool
bulk whatsapp sender v5.5 with source code
Bulk WhatsApp Sender V5.5 with source code (spintax generator). An ultimate WhatsApp Messaging solution for WA Sender with a wide collection of option and services give the user more flexibility when they are sending their campaigns.

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Bulk WhatsApp Sender V5.5 Features

  • Multi Account(Multi Channel
  • MultiFile Sending
  • Better Handling
  • Multi language
  • Multi Themes
  • Group Poster
  • Turbo Mode
  • Complete solution
  • Smooth way of sending
  • Full Source Code
  • Multi Accounts
  • Sending Unlimited Messages
  • Send Multi-multimedia message(Photos, Videos , Documents)
  • Whatsapp Numbers Generator
  • Whatsapp Numbers Filters(Support Multi-Accounts)
  • Whatsapp Groups Contacts Grabber (Get Whatsapp contacts from groups)
  • Anti Block Module
  • Multi text message (reduce chance of blocking)
  • Advanced Internal dialogs (reduce chance of blocking)
  • Sleep Control after X amounts of messages
  • Connection Speed control
  • delay Between message
  • Sending Customized Message, spintax generator
  • Import from excel (CSV) and Txt files
  • Save and open saved campaign
  • Full log for sending process

bulk whatsapp sender 5.6 - white label edition

Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software Requirement
Below the major requirement for Bulk Whatsapp Sender

  • Chrome Browser
  • .Net Framework 4 or greater
  • Visual Studio .Net 2015 or greater (For customization) *optional

What you will get when you buy this Bulk WhatsApp Sender 2020

  • Bulk Whatsapp Sender application
  • Full source code
  • Tutorial How to create Installer
  • Tutorial How to Rebrand/Rename Bulk WhatsApp Sender
  • Tutorial How to generate license – Reseller
  • Tutorial How to change passwords for license key maker

How to Avoid Getting Banned on WhatsApp

If you are using WhatSender to send a lot of messages and you want to protect your whatsapp account we give the following advices:

1. If possibile, do not use your personal account
2. Just try to use your new account for few days sending and receiving and after sending bulk from it
3. Send account number (that you want use it to send bulk) as vcard from your personal account with friends and family ask them to save it and to message you on it.
4. When you start send bulk from new account start with small bulks
5. Try to write message in a way that recipient do not report it as spam (this is the most critical issue with new accounts)
6. Try to use Multi-Message option on the application, which allow you to write same message in different way
7. Use SpinTax feature to to set an array of words with the same meaning (the program randomly will use them)
8. Use anti block module application in Settings (add your numbers and your friends number that you usually chat with them and set initiate dialog with them after x amount of messages)
9. Give your account more credibility by joining groups
10. From Settings, in Whatsender, set a small delay between messages

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